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I know that my question sounds very generic.

I'm new to gazebo and I'm using version 7.8.

I have worked with some examples that use the transport layer to advertise a topic and publish Vector3 msg from the math library using Gazebo (only).

Can I use instead Vector3 or the transport from ignition library and everything work as before? Is this still true if I want to use it with ROS?

Hope that made clear what I ask. Ignition library looks very nice by the way :)


Originally posted by Angelos on Gazebo Answers with karma: 17 on 2017-06-28

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gazebo 7.x uses gazebo topics instead of ign-transport topics. There is plan to replace the gazebo transport layer with ign-transport sometime in the future. If you're using gazebo through ROS, you can just publish to the ROS topics provided by gazebo_ros_pkgs.

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Original comments

Comment by Angelos on 2017-07-04:
So, as far as I can understand, gradually some areas will move to ignition such as transport, math. (yes. I already use math from ignition)

Comment by chapulina on 2017-07-05:
Correct. This tutorial gives some more context: http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?tut=install_dependencies_from_source&cat=install

Comment by Angelos on 2017-07-05:
Very nice Louise, always to the point :)


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