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Hello everyone.

I am trying to display a model in gazebo and I get the following warning:

image description

xacro: Traditional processing is deprecated. Switch to --inorder processing! To check for compatibility of your document, use option --check-order. For more infos, see http://wiki.ros.org/xacro#Processing_Order xacro.py is deprecated; please use xacro instead

How can i solve this?

Originally posted by Daniel Tobon on Gazebo Answers with karma: 23 on 2017-05-10

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Comment by sloretz on 2017-05-10:
This sounds like an XY problem. Is there a larger problem you're trying to solve? The xacro warning is just a warning. It means the robot description is written using xacro, and the roslaunch for it is not passing the --inorder flag. If you have written the robot description and the launch file then follow the link in your answer for instructions on making the warning go away. Otherwise it can be safely ignored.

Comment by Daniel Tobon on 2017-05-11:
How do I get the launch file to pass the --inorder flag? Should I add a line of code to the launch file to run inorder?

Comment by sloretz on 2017-05-11:
Use the args attribute on the node tag http://wiki.ros.org/roslaunch/XML/node


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the solution is in the launch file:

< param name="robot_description" command="$(find xacro)/xacro --inorder $(arg model)" />

Originally posted by Daniel Tobon with karma: 23 on 2017-05-23

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