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Hi every body :)

why when I put a link of a model on the ground, its contact sensor indicates that the link don't touch the ground ?

like this graph shows, 1 if link touches the ground, -1 else

the link doesn't move and stay in place. Normally the data of the sensor should be always 1 !

Is this a bug ? If not this means that the if link is not heavy it doesn't touch 100% the ground.I tried to make the link heavier (100 Kg), same problem.

image description


Here is the source code :




CMakeLists.h (change the extension to .txt)

cmd.h (if you want to plot with gnuplot)

the model is in this video. the box is fixed to the ground

Originally posted by djou07 on Gazebo Answers with karma: 78 on 2015-05-08

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I resolved the problem by changing the update rate.

First I didn't precise it. By default the frequency is 1000 times per second. So I modified it to 100 and then to 30. And it worked. Still don't understand why it loses accuracy with big frequency...

So, I want to know what is the recommended frequency ?

thanks in advance

Originally posted by djou07 with karma: 78 on 2015-05-14

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