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I am running gazebo2.2.

I want to control UserCam ,and looked up in API doc(http://osrf-distributions.s3.amazonaws.com/gazebo/api/2.2.1/classgazebo_1_1rendering_1_1UserCamera.html#a7148635d156d63c3e163bf1c28bb547e)

I found three function as following:

EnableViewController(TRUE); SetFocalPoint(math::Vector3(0,0,0.1)); SetViewController("orbit",math::Vector3(0,1,0.5));

So , I imaged that my userCam would orbit the point(0,0,0.1)

but, It turned out nothing happened!

Did I miss some steps?

Thank you~!

if it is possible, can you check my code?

Here is my code: http://pastebin.com/emWnSf00

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Hi there,

"orbit" is the type of interaction used with the 3d canvas. Meaning when you click the mouse and you move it it orbits the point where you clicked. Or something like that .. :)

In order to move the camera you will have to get the camera pointer and apply new positions for it.

Cheers, Andrei

Originally posted by AndreiHaidu with karma: 2108 on 2015-03-06

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