Can anyone help me out here with this DC motor, especially the encoder part? I tried searching around for its datasheet but its as short as 1 page and the only spec I get are:

Encoder: 1 pulse/revolution

It has 2 connection on the bottom, and I guess they are for driving the motor, but they say nothing about the 3 connections wires below.

enter image description here

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Besides referring to the previously-mentioned 82860502 pdf file, see pages 30 and 31 of Steven Engineering's 44MICRO-MOTORS.pdf file, where the following diagram appears and shows the usage of the brown, yellow, and blue wires.

encoder wiring diagram

Attach a V+ voltage (for example, 5VDC) to the brown wire and connect the blue wire to ground. As the motor rotates, the yellow wire will alternately be pulled up to V+ through a 10K resistor, and to ground via an NPN transistor.


Yes, Crouzet's 82860502 documentation doesn't seem to be very helpful.

According to this post on their forum, the wiring is as follows:

  • Brown wire: + VDC encoder supply
  • Yellow wire: encoder output signal
  • Blue wire: encoder ground

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