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I'm using gazebo 1.5 on gentoo linux. I installed it from dev branch about a month ago.

When I create a terrain using a heightmap and try to insert a model onto it, the model falls through the terrain and out of sight. I've tried it with the pioneer robots and with various other models - same result. However, with the Brickbox, Bookshelf, and Cabinet, they stay where I put them. I don't know how to solve this problem.

Originally posted by logicalguy on Gazebo Answers with karma: 73 on 2013-03-20

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Comment by nkoenig on 2013-03-20:
Can you please post your SDF?

Comment by logicalguy on 2013-03-21:

Comment by logicalguy on 2013-03-25:
any clues?

Comment by nkoenig on 2013-03-26:
It looks like you scaled the heightmap in the visual but not in the geometry.

Comment by logicalguy on 2013-03-28:
It worked! Thanks :)


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Question answered in comments.

Originally posted by nkoenig with karma: 7676 on 2013-04-08

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