I had installed ROS Noetic on Windows 11 but eventually decided to dual-boot my laptop with Ubuntu, so I went to uninstall ROS-Noetic from Windows, but am not able to do so because of the following error:

Windows ROS-Noetic Error

It is still taking up 5.70 GB of storage space. If anyone knows a solution, please help.

I have tried running rmdir /s /q c:\opt in the terminal, but I get

The system cannot find the file specified.


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From other stack overflow posts, it's not uncommon to run into issues using the rmdir command for basic operations like this one.

You could try:

  • using the absolute path to work around a windows bug (source)
  • using the bash shell, or WSL, to delete the file instead of powershell, etc. (source)
  • compressing the folder so it's an archive and then deleting the archive (source)

Looks like this is a windows issue not a ROS issue, so I'd be searching through information on that.


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