In ROS 1, you could limit the speed that the position controller moved at by specifying a <limit> tag within the <joint> tag. See this part of the tutorial

I'm trying a similar thing in ROS 2, but the <limit> tag has no effect, still snapping immediately. Check out this branch and this section of the partially rewritten tutorial

Does the ros2_control's JointGroupPositionController handle velocity constraints through the <joint> tag or is there something else in the <ros2_control><joint> tag that I need to specify.


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No, unfortunately this isn't implemented right now by most of the ros2_controllers (except for, e.g., diff_drive_controller). But it is on the roadmap as far as I know.

In general, ros2_controllers don't parse the URDF except for the ros2_control tags (admittance controller is again an exception, which needs the kinematics from the URDF): nothing from the <joint> tag well be used. But this might change in the future, see this issue

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