I'm looking for low-cost depth cameras (less than 1000 USD) with a range of more than 3 meters.

Currently, I have found only SoftKinetic DS-311 that meets these requirements.

Here are some other low-cost cameras that I found, but they have a short range:

  • pmd[vision] camboard nano
  • SoftKinetic DS-325

and others with a long range but high cost

  • Panasonic D-Imager
  • pmd[vision] CamCube 3.0
  • SwissRanger SR4500
  • Odos Imaging Real.iZ-1K
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    $\begingroup$ I'm not sure of an alternative site. Actually, I'd be surprised if one could exist for specialty equipment like what is used on robots because the customer base is so much smaller -- you may have only dozens of possible reviews for a robot camera instead of the thousands or millions of possible reviews for a consumer camera. $\endgroup$
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