I am working on a project using the SLAMTEC Mapper M2M2 with ROS to map an area of interest. I am using Oracle Virtualbox to run ROS Noetic with Ubuntu 20.04, and my host machine is running on Windows 10. However, when running rviz, there seems to be a problem with the map display. Below is what I did from the beginning.

After downloading the Slamware ROS SDK (GCC 9) from the SLAMTEC website, I moved the folders to the src folder in my catkin_ws. I connected the device to a power bank, and then connected my PC to its built-in WiFi. After that, I launched the relevant nodes in the 'slamware_ros_sdk' package as follows.

roslaunch slamware_ros_sdk slamware_ros_sdk_server_node.launch ip_address:=

roslaunch slamware_ros_sdk view_slamware_ros_sdk_server_node.launch

Everything seems to be working fine, the map of the area of interest can be viewed, however, there is a status error in the map display under transform. The error is as follows.

No transform from [/slamware_map] to [slamware_map].

Because of this, I am unable to view the location of the device within the map generated (the axes are located outside of the map). I also cannot save the map in a pgm file via the map_server package. Maybe this is due to the map not being generated properly. I attached a picture below.

Map display status error in rviz

I am just using the SLAMTEC Mapper on its own, without any other devices or robots, as I just require the map to work with.

Would appreciate any help and support I can get. Apologies as I am still new to ROS, so I might not know a lot of things.

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No transform from [/slamware_map] to [slamware_map].

I'm not familiar with Slamware in particular, but I can tell you what the error means. RViz is trying to display data that has a frame_id of /slamware_map in a frame with id slamware_map. It does not see these as the same (or related) frames because one of them has a leading / and one does not. This might mean that your map topic and your /tf topic disagree on the frame name.

The simplest resolution for you is probably to modify the code that's producing the data, so all nodes are using the exact same frame_id. It could also be related to the setting of fixed frame that you've chosen in RViz, so make sure to check that too.

You can read a (very old) post about leading slashes and prefixes in ROS here: https://answers.ros.org/question/43145/tf-namespace-resolution/

And on the wiki: http://wiki.ros.org/tf2/Migration

See also: https://github.com/ros2/geometry2/issues/219 "There should not be a slash."

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