I'm trying to stream data from the Nao's inertial unit in its trunk. However the update rate is quite slow ~ 1Hz. Is there any way to improve it? For reference, I issued the following command using qicli to measure the rates:

qicli call --json ALMemory.getListData "[[\"Device/SubDeviceList/InertialSensor/AngleY/Sensor/Value\"]]"

In this example I retrieve the tilt angle of the trunk around the Y-axis (pitch).

To execute this command, I established an SSH connection to the Nao. I timed it using the linux time command. I also tried to force a faster read rate by issuing the above command in a loop with 5 milliseconds of sleep between each iteration:

for i in {1..100}; do qicli call --json ALMemory.getListData "[[\"Device/SubDeviceList/InertialSensor/AngleY/Sensor/Value\"]]"; sleep 0.005; done

But even in this case I could see that the data was read at about a rate of 1Hz.

I tried it on Nao versions 5 and 6. I also connected both over WiFi and a link-locally using an ethernet cable.



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