I'm trying to learn how to use the Roboanalyzer simulation tool to model and then display the torques required to pivot a 2 DoF arm. ( [http://www.roboanalyzer.com/][1] )

I see that the tool has a feature that allows me to create an input file ( a CSV file) as the required joint trajectory. The simulator provides an example file ( named jointinput_2R_trajectory.csv ). That works.

I want to create my own input file, but the simulator documentation does not explain what format and structure of data is required in an input file. The above example file has 7 columns, A to G I can see that the first column is the step increments.

what is the data in the other columns ?

I know this seems like a tool-specific question ... but I'm hoping that someone out there has used the tool and can help with an answer. I have already tried to contact the tool designers , but got no reply. I am not sure they are in operation these days.

Many Thanks [1]: http://www.roboanalyzer.com/



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