I have a 3D model of a complex object. I have been able to generate all possible points that are around 1 m away from the surface of any part of the object, so the collision is not possible: group available points enter image description here

Now my task is to generate a path for a robot that cover the whole area with set distance between scanning paths. Is there any known 3D path planning for coverage algorithm that can be used here? Is there any example of implementation? Picture no. 2 is a simple algorithm connecting dots after sorting and grouping points in given level. Unfortunately it will not work in more complex situations.


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maybe what you're looking for can be solved by referring to the solution mentioned in Implementing a boustrophedon algorithm in a given room with obstacles.

Could you please help me out with how I can place the points on the given surface? Did you use an STL file to generate these points? Also, did you find out some other way to solve this CPP problem? What algorithm did you use for this project

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