I’m working on an aircraft towing AGV and I need some assistance regarding the drive sizing. But first some technical data :

  • 4 DC bldc motors
  • Cogged wheel for caterpillar tracks diameter 65mm.
  • Maximal speed 2km/h
  • Agv maximal weight 100kg
  • Maximal load on the agv itself 700kg
  • Maximal towed load 6500kg

I've performed some calculation and i've found that, maybe, the job will get done with 4 bldc motors (0.9Nm each) with reducers (total 32:1) ie a total torque of 4 x 0.9 x 32 = 115Nm . I've drafted a synoptic of the system : synoptic of the system

Questions :

  • Is my goal achievable with this kind of achitecture?
  • Do you have any better ideas?


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