I've been facing the issue while testing the python code for the trajectory planning task. I've been using the official package of the open_manipulator (https://github.com/ROBOTIS-GIT/open_manipulator). While testing the code the error below comes up all the time: [/move_group_commander_wrappers_1647243148852892463] [ros.moveit_ros_planning_interface.move_group_interface]: ABORTED: Solution found but controller failed during execution The robot make the motion for the couple of tasks, but when it's time for Cartesian path task, the error is coming up every time I do test.

I found some sources to check the controllers.yaml file and add this part into:

        goal_time: 0.6
      # vel_tolerance is 0 for due to the movegroup/follow_joint_trajectory/goal tolerance is empty
        stopped_velocity_tolerance: 0
        joint1: {trajectory: 0.1, goal: 0.1}
        joint2: {trajectory: 0.1, goal: 0.1}
        joint3: {trajectory: 0.1, goal: 0.1}
        joint4: {trajectory: 0.1, goal: 0.1}
        joint1: {p: 100, d: 1, i: 1, i_clamp: 1}
        joint2: {p: 100, d: 1, i: 1, i_clamp: 1}
        joint3: {p: 100, d: 1, i: 1, i_clamp: 1}
        joint4: {p: 100, d: 1, i: 1, i_clamp: 1}
    stop_trajectory_duration: 0.5
    state_publish_rate:  25
    action_monitor_rate: 10

I would truly appreciate any help about this issue and if you know the possible reason why this error comes up.

Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Anastasiya



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