I’m trying to power my automous omniwheel industrial robot which weighs around 10kg with the aluminium sheet and mecanum wheels.

The motors being used are the (4x) Cytron motor with encoder RB-CYT-92.

-Nominal voltage = 12V -Stall Current = 5.5A -Max Power = 7W

I’m also using a myRIO microcontroller which requires a operating voltage between 6-16VDC. It has a maximum power consumption of 14W and a idle power consumption of 2.6W The motors are conncted to the microcontroller via myRIO digilent motor adapter which has a operating voltage between 6-16VDC and motor current which is two 1.5A full h-bridge circuts.

The robot will not move patricalury fast due to scanning the room etc therefore the maximum desired velocty of 3.183m/s which produces an accleration of 1.6m/s^2. I’m looking for around 1 hour operating time however i’m struggling to find the best battery to suit my robot. Any help is appreciated



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