I am building my own Quasi Direct Drive actuator and looking for information/ design guidelines for building a High Torque Motor similar to the MIT Mini Cheetah below. Specifically I cannot seem to find any info on winding patterns used in High Torque designs and preferred Slot/Pole configurations since most I found are for your standard BLDCs. I am wondering if anyone here has industry or research experience building actuators for High Torque, High backdrivability applications. Any help would be appreciated!

Also found this spreadsheet that contains some of the information I am looking for: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AZ2w6lbniuLydnSUgLaUv4zhjWA-wICHkOnHHVaU8Mg/edit#gid=352296252

MIT Mini Cheetah Actuator

MIT Mini Cheetah Actuator

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