The desired control is $u_f=\frac{1+\eta s}{1+hs}a$, where $u_f$ is the feedforward control, $a$ is the feedforward observation and $\eta$ and $h$ are two constant parameters. However, I can only observe $a$ but not $\dot{a}$. How to realize this in discrete time?

The method I use now is the zero-order hold method, which yields the discrete-time transfer function as $H(z)=\frac{\eta z/h-\exp(-T/h)+1-\eta/h}{z-\exp(-T/h)}$. This result is the same as that of Matlab funtion c2d. With $H(z)$, I can calculate $u$ without knowing $\dot{a}$. Is it the right way to do it?

Moreover, the control system contains other modules such as the plant dynamics $x = Gu$ and feedback control $u_b = Ky$, where $u=u_f+u_b$. Can I discrete these modules one by one and then synthesize them?


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