I wanted to make a flight controller from scratch using an appropriate microcontroller. I know this might be a very tough job and it would be just reinventing the wheel as the Pixhawk people have already done a wonderful job making a robust controller.
But still, I feel I would learn a lot of basics doing this and would like to give a shot at this.

I wanted to ask some questions like,

  1. How do I select the most appropriate microcontroller for this job? If I'm not wrong, flight controllers operate at an extremely high frequency, so maybe choosing the right microcontroller with sufficient clock speed would be necessary?
  2. In Pixhawk there is more than one microcontroller, so do I even need multiple microcontrollers in my basic flight controller? Would I also need a DSP microcontroller for calculations and any of that stuff?
  3. Are there any guides you guys know of or any references to which I can refer to while doing this project?

Any other advices, suggestions, and tips are most welcome. TIA

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    $\begingroup$ please do research before you ask a question here ... there are tutorials on the internet available ... this is a Q&A site for answering one specific answerable question at a time ... when you have a specific question, then please include a description of the problem you are trying to resolve $\endgroup$
    – jsotola
    Aug 21 '21 at 19:06

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