I have a URDF file for the Kinova Gen3 robotic arm (6 dof) and a URDF file for a suction end effector that was built for a UR5 arm. I am able to load the file for the arm along with a table and some objects, but as you can see this arm doesn't have an end effector that can be used to interact with the environment.

enter image description here

I found a suction end effector file that was used in a UR5 robotic arm, and also some gripper urdf files that were given for the Kinova arm. What I did was I just copy-pasted the links<> and joints<> from the gripper file to the arm's URDF file. This is most probably not the way we should go about it but I couldn't understand how else to do it for the moment.

Is there a function in PyBullet or a way you can link the end effector file with the arm? And is it possible to attach the suction end effector which was built for a different arm to this arm?

  • $\begingroup$ I am extremely new to Pybullet and handling URDF files, any input will be really helpful. $\endgroup$
    – Ravish Jha
    Jul 23 at 14:09

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