I've tried :

  • to use obj2udf library(PyPI) then It can generate 1 URDF per 1 STL(it doesn't work because I can't find how to program to change link name or add link and can't combine STL) so now I have URDF of each link instead of a robot URDF.
  • to combine each urdf in pybullet and think it won't work when use as simulation. additional :
  • after I have URDF I will try to work with pybullet.
  • I am working on window 10 with Visual studio code.
  • use miniconda.

so is there a way or some function of python that can generate robot URDF

reference code:

import os
import sys
from object2urdf import ObjectUrdfBuilder

# Build single URDFs
object_folder = "Base"

builder = ObjectUrdfBuilder(object_folder, urdf_prototype='_prototype_Base.urdf')
builder.build_urdf(filename="Base\Base.stl", force_overwrite=True, decompose_concave=True, force_decompose=False, center = 'mass')

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Thank you,Now I have found odio_urdf library that can generate urdf by programming in python like you code in urdf file.

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