I'am working with an LSM6DSO32, so I'am starting with Kalman filter, everything works but with Euler angle I got gimbal lock I think... But if my pitch angle approach to 90° my roll angle jump and I get a bad value and my pitch is like blocked around 90°.

So I searched and I foud this phenomenon "Gimbal lock" after some other researches I have read I should use Quaternions to avoid this Gimbal lock. I found this code that implement MadgwickAHRS algo who use Quaternions here

But if I use computeAngles, this function return Euler angles I have again Gimbal problem. So my question is, how can I only use Quaternions without Euler transformation to compute my roll and pitch angles? My objective is to know if my roll or my pitch angles has move to 90 or -90° aboyt my start position. For example, if my start position is roll 20° and pitch 10°, I would like to detect if my roll is 110° or -70° and if my pitch is 100° or -80°

How can I solve my problem with only q0, q1, q2, q3 values ?

I found this article here I've tried the solution for gimbal lock, but when I set my roll to 0 and compute yaw with 2atan2(q1, q0) for pitch equals PI/2 the value I got isn't good, yaw move a lot...

  • $\begingroup$ When dealing with quaternions (or rotation matrices) it is easier to consider how certain vectors have rotated instead of the composition of yaw, pitch and roll rotations. With your pitch and roll bounds do you mean that your local up vector, which does not rotate when just yawing, has rotated more than 90° compared to your initial orientation? $\endgroup$
    – fibonatic
    Jun 27 at 22:15

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