My project is to be able to compute my linear speed on my scooter only with my IMU. I have a IMU build with my arduino which is in my backpack.

I want first to compensate the acceleration measurement due to my body rotation. For example when I look left of right my backpack is moving and I want to compensate that.

enter image description here

At the time t I have:

  • the rotation matrix R(t) and R(t-1)
  • the angular velocity (p,q,r).
  • the position of my imu from my body center ( dP = (-xi,0,-zi))
  • between two measurements there is dTe seconde

I can create a anti skew symmetric matrix Ran from p,q,r ( Ras(p,q,r)) For me, my position IMU at t : 0P = Ras(p,q,r) * dP So my speed is : 0V = 0P / dTe ?

Can someone tell me if I do wrong until now?


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