I have a ground mobile robot with wheel for indoor applications and I want to develop a vSLAM algorithm for it. So one problem for me is how to know my modifications do really improve the performance of vSLAM. Since I want to test it in real home environment, it is not feasible to install a motion capture system. So my questions are:

  1. Could you recommend some public vslam datasets for indoor ground robots?
  2. Can consumer level 1d lidar provides ground truth? such as rpLidar? Since the environment is not that friendly. What I concern is that I am not sure if lidar can provide much more accurate pose as ground truth in the place where vSLAM can't meet my accuracy target, such as mirror, windows/door with transparent glasses.
  3. Are there any methods to evaluate vSLAM accuracy without ground truth?

I really appreciate your answers. Thanks.

Best Yanming


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