I have seen a lot of posts citing this answer which gives the rough estimate that a quadcopter needs approximately 150 watts of power per kg in order to hover. I am trying to do some theoretical calculations on the current draw of my four brushless motors.

I have four EMAX 0802 15500KV motors. I have calculated the total mass of my build, including the weight of the engine, propellors, ESCs, etc to be approximately 200 grams. Using the results of the previously mentioned post implies that I need no more than 40 total watts of power in order to hover. If I am running these motors at ~8v than the current draw from my motors, and thus from the ESC, should be no more than 5-6 Amps total.

Does this rough calculation make sense? This seems like a very small current draw considering most ESCs are rated for 30-40 amps.


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