I don't know where this question should be asked so excuse me if this isn't the place. I have a 3S1P 2.2A 50C battery for a drone that I build. I have a charger that looks like this:

enter image description here


At first, when the battery was new, I pulled a solid 15-20 minutes of aggressive flight time but now, only 6 months later, it is getting only 3 minutes! I have charged it for like 5 hours and it reached 12.48 volts which is good but I think the charger doesn't put much current and when it hits 12V it just stops charging. This is just a guess. Can someone please help me with this. I don't have much of a budget so is there is a safe way for me to get more flight time, I am more than happy to hear it!

Specs: My drone is an F450 frame with 4 A2212 100kv motors and weighs a total of 4lbs. My props ar 1045 props and I have 3S 30A ESCs!


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