I have defined a custom message: uint8[] data

The custom message is imported in my Node class with no problems:

from my_shared.msg import MyMessage

In the same Node, I create the publisher with:

self.my_publisher = self.create_publisher(MyMessage, 'topic_in', 200)

and I publish the message with:


my_msg is built in the following way:

payload_bitstream = np.fromstring(my_data, np.uint8) my_msg = payload_bitstream.tolist()

Sadly, I get a TypeError:

File "/opt/ros/eloquent/lib/python3.6/site-packages/rclpy/publisher.py", line 68, in publish raise TypeError() TypeError

Could you help out with this if you know what I am doing wrong pls?

Thanks in advance, G.


The problem was caused by how I was creating and assigning value to the message.

The right way in ROS2 is:

my_msg = MyMessage()


my_msg.data = my_value

that did the trick and solved my problem


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