I originally wanted to make a shoddy vr system with two IMU's in two seperate right and left controllers, which their values could be sent over wifi to the game service unity so I can plot their position and incorperate them into half-assed vr games. But I quickly learned that although some problems with IMU tracking can be solved, gimbal lock with quaternions, and yaw drift with magnetometers, the problem of dead reckoning was just inherent in the process. I since have figured out it much better to use sensor fusion.

This is my first idea for sensor fusion, so it could be wrong, but since I would like to make the setup as portable as possible, i would like to just have one IR camera in my headset and then have the two controllers be like trackers, which their position/depth in 3D space could be handled by the cameras, and orientation by the IMU. And when the trackers went out-of-bounds, I could use the IMU's accelerometer or simply freeze there position untill they went back in scope since it would not be third person and not matter what they do when you cannot see them. And in my scenario, I have the dvantage of only needing the controllers tracked because the vr 'headset' in this circumstance will be your phone.

IR tracking was just my first idea, so if there may be a better method or more cost effective way to preform sensor fusion, do let me know. Since I want it to be as portable as possible, if IR tracking could not be preformed with just one sensor, yet another method could, thereby making it more portable, do let me know. My preferences for this project are as portable, cost effective, and user-friendly as possible. I have tried looking up on google for how to get started but have found no good results. So maybe the good people of arduino can help me! All input is appreciated. I can provide more details if nesecarry, and as always, thank you! =)


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