How to rotate coordinate frame (transform point or vector coordinates) using angles from 2-axis inclination sensor if both X and Y angles are non-zero?

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    $\begingroup$ What format is the inclinometer output? Euler angles or Tait–Bryan angles? And which axis comes first? And for only 2 axes, if both axes are not 90 degrees, does it even matter? I would need these questions answered before attempting your 3(!) questions on this topic. If you don't know the answer, perhaps this would be a good separate question. $\endgroup$ – Ben May 18 at 19:21
  • $\begingroup$ The inclinometer is GEMAC IS2TK090-C-RL (2 axis XY, 90 degrees). Docs don't mention neither angle types, nor which axis comes first. As I understand it, those angles indicate simultaneous rotation with respect to XY plane. What I can't get is what projection of a gravitational vector on X/Y axis means: is it the angle 0) between inertial & inclined Z axis or 1) XY plane and respective X'/Y' axis. $\endgroup$ – AlexDarkVoid May 19 at 5:01

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