Im working on a 10 DOF IMU system for quadcopter project. I understand the need for sensor calibration but uptil now I have seen offline ways to compute the calibration offsets/biases, where we take a bunch of readings from all sensors, and feed into some program on PC that gives us our offsets/biases for calibration.

The problem with this approach is that these calibration offsets/biases are subject to change and depend on the type enviroment they are place in.

I want a simple but robust algorithm that can calibrate the sensors (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer) that can be implemented on arduino. So that before each take-off, I run calibration routine and then proceed with orientation,filtering and pid stuff etc.

Links/References for possible solution to this problems would be appreciated.

Im using AltIMU 10 v5 , it doesnt come with library support for such a task.


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