If anyone has worked with KITTI dataset, can you explain the reference frame used in roll pitch yaw values?

I downloaded the raw data from this link: http://www.cvlibs.net/datasets/kitti/raw_data.php

The KITTI data states the following:

roll: roll angle (rad), 0 = level, positive = left side up, range: -pi .. +pi

pitch: pitch angle (rad), 0 = level, positive = front down, range: -pi/2 .. +pi/2

yaw: heading (rad), 0 = east, positive = counter clockwise, range: -pi .. +pi

By counter clockwise do they mean car turning left is positive yaw?

Also what is the convention for positive and negative for the angular rates?

wx: angular rate around x (rad/s)

wy: angular rate around y (rad/s)

wz: angular rate around z (rad/s)

I would assume that x y and z are forward leftward and upward as mentioned in the text.



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