I'm completely new to robotics and software as a hobby. I've got my irobot create2 up and running and I'm trying to create a log file for specific messages in "create_autonomy" https://github.com/AutonomyLab/create_autonomy.

I'm hoping to log this once a minute in the terminal window or a .txt file

  • hour:minute:second battery/charge (95%)
  • hour:minute:second joint_states (forward, 1.5 mph)

Any ELI5 help would be awesome, I'm not sure where to start

This video ends at what I'm trying to do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4KRgNBRA2U&t=9s



there is a standard tool for that: rosbag, it can record any message on the ROS network, you can take a look at the following link to see its usage



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