This is probably a noob question.

But as of right now I am having difficulty converting from the Modified DH to a Standard DH parameters for the Franka Emika Panda. I need standard because it allows me to avoid recoding a lot of my other functions.

The modified DH parameters are provided in the following link: https://frankaemika.github.io/docs/control_parameters.html#constants

    Joint   a(m)     d(m)     α(rad)   θ(rad)
Joint 1     0        0.333    0         θ1*
Joint 2     0        0        −π/2      θ2*
Joint 3     0        0.316    π/2       θ3*
Joint 4     0.0825   0        π/2        θ4*
Joint 5     -0.0825  0.384    −π/2       θ5*
Joint 6     0        0        π/2        θ6*
Joint 7     0.088    0        π/2        θ7*
Flange      0        0.107    0         0

Franka Emika Panda in MDH

I suspect my brain has frozen in favor of idiocy as I tried finding the parameters by doing it by hand, but right now I am consistently getting something that doesn't look right is there someone who can help me out?

And to the bigger question: is there like an efficient way of doing this "matlab, python, etc"? Like a nice conversion method/strategy/algorithm etc?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Is it really just shifting the a(m) and alpha(m) parameters?


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No, unfortunately there is no automated way to convert between different DH parameter conventions. See my similar question here: How to convert between classic and modified DH parameters?

Also, you might be interested in this paper: "Lipkin 2005: A Note on Denavit-Hartenberg Notation in Robotics". It explains the 3 main DH parameter conventions and how they differ. It is also good background reading on DH parameters.


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