I'm trying to run multiple instances (18 instances) of gazebo in parallel processes on my system to do reinforcement learning. However i'm running into an issue where the robot model in some of the instances becomes corrupted, as in, the wheels becomes detached from the robot body for some of the gazebo instances.

With some trouble shooting, I think the problem might due to high CPU load, as I launch the gazebo simulations simultaneously. The problem seemed to be alleviated when i added some sleep time between launching each gazebo instance and reduced the number of instances. However, I don't know if this was the actual cause of my issue, and if there is a proper fix that I could apply to this.

Video 1: https://youtu.be/p5kU0BICVRI

Video 2: https://youtu.be/47Sd_2S1-Ls

robot model breaking breaking

robot model breaking


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