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So I built a 5 bar linkage mechanism using arduino and python.It uses 2 servos, an arduino mega, a 12v power supply,a dc-dc step down converter to power everything. The arduino's job is to to take two angle input in a csv format via usb serial input and rotate the servos to that specific angle. The python script's job is to take a xy input in csv format via terminal and calculate the two angles using inverse kinematics so that the end-effector reaches the desired xy position and send them to the arduino via serial.

I have been seeing a lot of pen plotter videos recently and saw almost all of them use grbl and universal g code sender. What i want to do - use g codes to with my python script to plot figures.(I dont care about accuracy,i just want to see some plots :]).

So is there any scripts or something related which takes G-codes as input and outputs XYZ position of the toolpath in correect sequences so that I can just input those sequences in my python code to get the plots hopefully?

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    $\begingroup$ if i understand you correctly, you want to take XYZ position data, convert it to G-code, transmit the G-code, then convert the G-code to XYZ position data ... is my understanding correct? $\endgroup$ – jsotola Nov 23 '19 at 1:47
  • $\begingroup$ I only want to turn g-code data into XYZ position- like this guy is trying to do link @jsotola $\endgroup$ – SAMI HASAN Nov 23 '19 at 8:39

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