I am planning to use a Kinect Sensor on a mobile robot for path planning based on facial detection.

Assuming I am able to detect the faces of 5 individuals in a room (both the environment and the people are static), can I somehow get the coordinates of said faces, and use those as reference points to draw a path the robot should follow (using a Nearest Neighbor algorithm for example) while stopping at those individual points for 5 seconds? Can you indicate me to any resources, papers, or GitHub repositories explaining it? Also, would I need any odometry or can it all be done through Computer Vision?

Note: once detected, the faces' coordinates need to be memorized as there is no guarantee that they will remain visible throughout the entire process.


If I understand your question completely it is easy! You are using Kinect, so you have direct distance between the Kinect mounted on your robot and the faces. If you get the robot starting point as (0,0,0) you can find the coordinates based on the distance and the rotation angle of the robot when it finds each faces.

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