In trying to explain these important concepts and algorithms it would be super useful to have a video or animation that illustrates through simulation the underlying math. All the videos and articles I can find either are purely conceptual and really simplified (i.e. == magic) or they go deep on the math and go over the heads of most of my students.

Does anyone know of a resource (at the level of a https://www.3blue1brown.com/ to teach AMCL and/or SLAM?


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There is no resources like 3blue1brown for SLAM. In general I think you just have to bite the bullet and work through the math and the topics. I recommend the Freiburg videos and notes on robot mapping.

In regards to a simulation that allows you to step through it I recommend PythonRobotics. The code examples are quite small and are a good way to see these topics in action with a simple simulation. Since you are interested in ACML there is a basic particle filter implementation.


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