I’m trying to build TracIK-python with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 for Windows 10 and am making use of the available trac_ik_wrap.i file in the swig folder to generate the .pyd file (to be used with Python 2.7 or 3.6, whichever works). I’m using this StackOverFlow post as a guide.

I’ve installed/built all dependencies that were missing (boost, console-bridge, tinyxml, etc.) and am now stuck on a __builtin_expect identifier problem that I cannot find any way around. A total of 21 errors are listed: enter image description here

In the file trac_ik_wrap_wrap.cxx, errors were thrown in the lines containing ROS_DEBUG_STREAM_NAMED, ROS_FATAL, ROS_DEBUG_STREAM, and ROS_WARN_STREAM_NAMED. In the other .h files as well, all errors are thrown in ROS related lines. I’ve installed ROS Melodic on Windows (and verified the installation by running roscore), so I don't think I'm missing any files.

If anyone has successfully built trac-ik-python for Windows, could you please help me out?


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