I am working on a project where I am aiming at connecting multiple vehicles in a formation and allowing hive control of the formation. The robots (husky-like) use ROS and so I was hoping to incorporate as much ROS functionality as possible. Specifically, I am looking at using ROS2 for its peer-to-peer nature.

I have conducted a quick literature review on the project and have found a lot of papers (primarily on UAVs). Unfortunately, they have not released the source as I can see. One particular paper I found interesting is Distributed Multi-Robot Formation Splitting and Merging in Dynamic Environments. I was hoping someone could push me down the correct path to some adaptable formation control algorithms?

Another concept I have come across is distributed consensus which as I understand is a mutual decision across the network on some algorithm. Can anyone provide me links to better understand how this is achieved (I believe this would be valuable given ROS2 is peer-to-peer).

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help. I understand this is more of an information grab than a support question but I am interested in hearing some discussion around the topic from people who have experienced it.

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