I have a question about robot and camera calibration.

I have experience to calibrate btw 6DOF robot arm and hand-eye camera. But this time I should use a machine like CNC plotter. This machine can move only x and y directions and no rotation. I will set a camera under the machine. In this case, can I do calibration btw a cam and the machine? And also can I calculate transformation matrix btw them?

If anyone knows how to solve it please let me know. And if there are some papers about this, also let me know.

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In this case, the Z value and rotation value are constant, so it's a 2DOF system. You can do the same calibration as with the 6DOF and you'll find a homogeneous matrix as usual.

The difference here is that instead of a direct kinematics approach from a manipulator you'll have to determine the position (0, 0) for the CNC Plotter and the constant Z and rotation. Depending on the method (if you're using a least-squares method), you can find the Z and rotation value as well, otherwise, one approach is to determine them previously and find the X and Y values for the matrix.


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