I need to solve the following scenario between 2 NAO robots and one human. Maybe you have advice which NAO accessory or builtin sensor is accurate enough to measure such a distance of 0,5 meters and which approach would be the best to solve the scenario. Are cameras of the NAO accurate enough to estimate the distance ? Or is another sensor not available in the NAO needed.

Robot "#1" can pick up a known object from a floor, hand it out to robot "#2". As soon as the human is 0,5m away from "#2", "#2" should hold the object in the direction oft the human

The human will make 2 steps to the left, and not take the object

"#2" will follow with the intend to hand out the object.

Now after 2 steps the human takes it.

As soon as the human takes it into his right hand, the "#1" approaches the human and stays in a distance of 0,5m.

"#1" opens it´s hands to take the object as soon as the human wants to place it in his hands.

When handed over to "#1", "#1" and "#2" leave to a certain area 5m away from the human in the same room.



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