I want to make an drone with these motors: https://www.amazon.com/XtremeAmazing-2200KV-Brushless-2212-6-helicopter/dp/B01M3UBGU9

1: First of all, are they good? If not, could you suggest me other motors?

2: If they need 12V and their max power is 342W, is the max current is 28,5A?

3: If the max current is 28,5A/motor x 4 motors x 65% power = 74,1A?

4: If the motors take 74,1A and I have a 3000mAh battery, does this mean I can only use my drone for 2,43 minutes?

(3000mAh / 74 100mA = 0,04...h = 2,429min)

5: If yes, 2,43min is not a lot, how should I do to be able to use my drone for at least 15min without having to recharge the battery?


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Your calculations assume that the motor will be running at full power all the time.

Assuming your quadcopter's weight is less than 4 times the max motor thrust (which it needs to be to have any control), then you won't be running at full power.


You may want to have a look at this


or this kind of websites.

I cannot comment on answers, but wanted to share this.


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