I want to implement a force controller but I don't understand some concepts here.

  1. I saw some books that say the output torque command of the force controller and the impedance controller will be added. How about when we don't have any contact yet and the EE is in the free space? The force controller will command some torques because the error is not zero. Should we disable the force controller when we don't have any touch yet using something like setting a force threshold?
  2. As I understood, We can use torque sensors in joints and use Jacobian to transfer it into task space, right? or we can use a 6-axis force-torque sensor in the wrist of the robot? in the first case, for example for panda franka robot, we will have: J_{6x7} * tau_{7x3} = F_{6x3}? and for the second case we will have a 6-d vector? the wrist will be our 7th joint. I mean in the first case we will have a 3-axis torque sensor in 7th joint and in the second case we will have a 6-axis force-torque sensor?
  3. If there is any useful code sample, it would be great to share it with me.

Thank you


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