In Fanuc's ROBOGUIDE software, one can "simulate" digital I/O when in the program through the use of the virtual Teach Pendant. This, however, is much too slow for me to do in real time, as the simulation is running, and while one can program in timed inputs, they must be pre-determined, and cannot be reactive.

How do I pass the Digital I/O (register arrays Di[] and Do[]) through to the system? If this is not possible, then I've heard that it is possible to interface ethernet/IP through, how is that feature enabled?

If it helps, I'm using roboguide V.9.04.

To be clear, I'm not referring to Ethernet or Robot to Robot communication. I'm referring to serial and digital signals held in Di[] and Do[].

Edit: I've found some information on how rack and slots are used in the FANUC virtual memory space.
Slot 0 is a virtual slot for simulated IO
Slot 1-15 are physical slots for actual IO
Slot 48 is something called address mapped IO. Does this have anything to do with networking?
Slots 88 and 89 are for Ethernet IO. Perhaps this can be patched through?


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