I've mounted a broom as an effector of the Kuka IIWA. I've configured a tool in the Kuka Sunrise Workbench software with approximative mass and center of gravity. However, when control is started with a light stiffness, the end effector is slightly attracted by the gravity on its own. I assume the cause is that information about dynamics of the broom are incorrect.

enter image description here

I'm looking for an experimental setup that would allow to measure these data about the broom, as precisely as possible:

  • Center of mass (I can easily measure the center of mass along the stick, but how about in 3D?)
  • Principal inertia axes (radians)
  • Principal moments of inertia about these axes (kg * m²)
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    $\begingroup$ Have you learned the parallel axis theorem? That will help your experimental computations. $\endgroup$ – SteveO May 27 '19 at 23:56

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