i’m building a lucky cat, these eastern cats with one of their legs waving at you all the time

the system to do this is as follows: to the waving leg inside the cat is a small strong magnet attached

underneath this magnet is a small coil. this coil is contected to four 1.2v aa-batteries, with one 8200 uF capacitor in series. the distance beteren the coil and magnet is about 3mm. (see image below)

now it is actually working, but the arm is not moving far enough, it doesn’t sway as hard as we’d like it to go.

my guess is: the coil doesn’t create a magnetic field strong enough to repell the magnet further away. would you agree? in this case, with which coil should i replace it? (i have no idea what the values are amd what they mean.)

thanks for your kind help! t.

coil under the magnet


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