I am struggling with a basic implementation of the information filter. I have the equivalent Kalman filter working.

The information filter appears to be harder to debug. This is mostly because we are assimilating in the "Information dimension" (not sure if that is a word), where the state (x) is found from the (y) information vector is transformed by the information matrix (Y). x = inv(Y)*y. This means we cannot directly monitor our state variable (x), and the information vector (y) tells us very little.

Can anyone give me any tips on solving this problem now and in future?

I have included some sample code below.

x(:,i+1) = F*x(:,i)+Gamma*randn(size(Gamma,2),1)*sigma_w*0; % True system dynamics
  %% ====================================================
  %% Prediction
  %% ====================================================
  Y_n = inv(F*inv(Y_p)*F' + Gamma*Q*Gamma');
  L = Y_n*F*inv(Y_p);
  y_n = L*y_p(:,i);
  x_ = inv(Y_n)*y_n;

  y_p(:,i+1) = y_n;
  Y_p = Y_n;
  for j = 1:ns %2 sensors
    %% ====================================================
    %% Measurement generation
    %% ====================================================
    z{j}(:,i+1) = fn_hx(xr{j},yr{j},x(:,i+1)) + diag(randn(size(sigma_v{j},1),1))*sigma_v{j};
    z{j}(:,i+1) = angle_manipulation(z{j}(:,i+1));
    %Linearize H at x_priori
    H{j} = fn_JH(xr{j},yr{j},x_);
    %% ====================================================
    %% Estimation
    %% ====================================================
    ik = H{j}'*inv(R{j})*z{j}(:,i+1);
    Ik = H{j}'*inv(R{j})*H{j};
    %assimilation of information
    y_p(:,i+1) = y_p(:,i+1) + ik;
    Y_p = Y_p + Ik;
  YStore(i) = norm(Y_p);
  xp{1}(:,i+1) = inv(Y_p)*y_p(:,i+1);

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