Being new into the ActoboticsTM set, it's not always clear to me what the parts are supposed to do.

I'm currently in need of placing a servo inside a channel facing outwards, as depicted on the picture below. The servo mount is A type. But I could not recognize what part is that silver tube next to the servo, and if that is screwed on the bottom of the channel.

Could you please advice?

Servo mount A on a channel. Credit: SparkFun

  • $\begingroup$ the answer is obvious ... ask yourself, Can I buy the channel with the silver standoff already attached? .... if you cannot, then the standoff is a separate item $\endgroup$ – jsotola Feb 12 at 1:30
  • $\begingroup$ 'Standoff', that is the name I coudn't remember. I tested using CAD models and it seems that the 6-32, 1-1/8'' Aluminium Thread Standoff is just the right size to fit servo inside the channel. Thanks for the reply - if you'd care to make it an answer it would be accepted. $\endgroup$ – Diego Alves Feb 12 at 15:15

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