So I am fairly new to robotics however I do have some background with the python coding language. Recently I set myself the task of learning some basics for robotics just to increase my knowledge base.

My question is about micro-controllers and specifically if I need to buy a certain type of microcontroller to be able to program with the python language. Also are there any recommended python libraries or starting points for robotics with python? I apologize if this question is a bit broad or not well formed as I am very new to understanding microcontrollers.

Thank you


You may also consider the PyBoard which has a microcontroller specifically configured to run Python (Micropython). There are many addon 'shield' board for robotics-related components and a book that will help to get started.

PyBoard 1.1 from their website (Mar 2019)


One of the simplest ways to get started with python and robots has to be the microbit: https://microbit.org/


There are many different robot platform which you can buy: Legged Robot

Or with wheels: Wheeled Robot


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