Where can I find a good documentation about the UWSim in ROS. Actually having the source files is not enough and it is actually hard to follow all the functions. for example, how can I use these command correctly :

& rosrun UWSim gotoAbsolutePosition 0 0 0 0 0 0

I know that there is a node 'gotoAbsolutePosition' in the Package 'UWSim' and I knwo the variables, but I cannot set the two topics properly.

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    $\begingroup$ You may want to check out the UWSim wiki page or ask your question on the ROS forum. $\endgroup$ – Ian Aug 27 '13 at 18:12
  • $\begingroup$ There is no such help in the wiki page, but at ROS forum maybe you are right. $\endgroup$ – NKN Aug 27 '13 at 18:27

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